Kayena Vaca


Kayena Vaca


Dedication of all our actions to a higher purpose

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Each tutorial comes with:

  • PDF: an image of the chant in transliteration with marks for notes (svara)
  • AUDIO FILE 1*: a listen and repeat version that breaks the chant into short sections which are repeated at half volume so that you may listen and then chant what you just heard while supported by Linda’s voice
  • AUDIO FILE 2*: a continuous version that you may chose to either listen to or chant along with Linda
  • Instructions on how to best use the two audio files and how to read the chant

*Audio files are provided in both WAV and MP3 formats.

Please note that these tutorials are produced with love and fairly priced. They are for the purpose of imparting these chants to interested students. Please practice non-stealing (asteya) and refrain from distributing these directly to others.